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Carrot Powder Benefits

We make carrot powder by drying fresh carrots and then grinding them to a fine, powdery texture. Ideal as a flavoring or coloring agent in pastas, sauces, dressings and baked goods.

  • Light to dark orange powder
  • Fine texture
  • Mild, sweet, slightly peppery flavor
  • Rich in vitamin A


Carrot is one of the most popular root vegetables, carrots are known for their rich supply of carotenoids, a rich group of phytonutrient antioxidants that are beneficial to the cardiovascular system and cell renewal process.


Carrot powder can be used in a number of products, including smoothies, carrot cake, muffins, stews, meat dishes, and gravies. There’s even a new study that found carrot powder can increase the nutraceutical benefit, and therefore shelf life, of sausage. Overall, there are numerous benefits to using carrot powder as an additive in many different products.

Carrot powder is a nutritional, convenient option as an added ingredient. The easy-to-use and store nature of a powder, combined with the flavor and nutritional benefits of the original vegetable, make carrot powder a valuable addition to your next product.