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Margaret 桂圆红枣枸杞茶 (10pcs)
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NutriPure Margaret Flower Tea (10 packet per box)


One cup a day, helps you to get natural beauty from the inside out
Suitable for people who always staying up late and working overtime, period, and cold hands and feet


- Nourishes blood and regulates blood
- Replenishing vital essence
- Longan has the effects of nourishing blood and tranquilization, improve brain health
- Jujube has the effects of nourishes blood and regulates blood, suitable for people with weak spleen and stomach and loss of appetite
- Lycium barbarum can lower blood pressure, blood fat and blood sugar, and anti-aging effects


Ingredients: Longan, Red dates, Wolfberry, Rock sugar


Brewing method: Put one sachet into the cup, pour about 300ml of hot water, and let it sit for a while before drinking.


heart Drawer type packaging box
heart Easy to take
heart Independent packaging
heart One packet per serving
heart Clean and Hygienic
heart Convenient to carry
heart Enjoy tea anytime, anywhere!


❎ Fragrance ❎ Coloring, ❎ Preservatives


Shelf life: 18 months


Storage method: Store in a cool and dry place / sealed and preserved





- 补血益气、滋阴养颜
- 桂圆:有补血安神、健脑益智的功效
- 红枣:能养血安神,适用于脾胃虚弱、食欲不振的人群
- 枸杞:有降低血压、血脂和血糖的作用,更能抗衰老


配料: 桂圆、红枣、枸杞、冰糖


泡法: 取一包茶袋放入杯中,倒入300ml左右的热水,静置片刻即可饮用


heart 抽屉式包装盒
heart 便于取用
heart 独立包装
heart 一袋一泡
heart 干净卫生
heart 方便携带
heart 随时随地喝好茶


❎ 香精 ❎ 色素 ❎ 不加防腐剂


保质期: 18个月


贮藏方式: 置于阴凉干燥处 / 密封保存即可

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