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Nutri Pure 100% Pure Bird's Nest (Instant) - Red Dates
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Nutri Pure 100% Pure Bird Nest (Instant)


The early records of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are contained in the book, “Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing” (神农本草经) from the year 1695. In this book, bird’s nests were reported as mild, homogenous, and non-toxic food.

Nutri Pure 100% Pure Bird Nest provides a simpler way of modern drinking- Instant Boil.

In past, the preparation for a well-cooked Bird Nest will need to go through a few process – Soak, Clean, Stew. It will at least take up to 3 hours.

By choosing Nutri Pure Instant Boil Bird’s Nest, we guarantee on the 99% cleanliness and 25 times expansion. It only take 20 minutes to ready to consume a 125ml~140ml pure bird nest without hassle. You may also adjust the sweetness according to your personal preferences.

This product is recommended with its High Nutritional Value for Pregnant Lady, Diabetics Patient, Asthma Patient.


It is also suitable for anyone who looking for the great benefits below:

  • - Healthier Pregnancy,
  • - Maintain strong immune system, ,
  • - Maintain Youthfulness,
  • - Promote Skin Health, Eye Health, Bone Health,
  • - Contain Antioxidant – Amino acids, sialic acid, vitamins, fatty acids, minerals and more, improve metabolic processes,
  • - Bird nest has 6 different types of hormones
  • - and many more!


Nutri Pure 100% 纯燕窝 (即炖)



Nutri Pure 100% 纯燕窝提供了一种更简单的现代饮用方式——即炖。

在过去,准备一份燕窝需要经过几个过程——浸泡、清洗、细挑、炖煮。整个过程至少需要 3 小时。

选择Nutri Pure 即炖燕窝,我们保证 99%的清洁度25倍倍发率。只需20分钟即可轻松享用125 毫升~140毫升的纯燕窝。您也可以根据个人喜好调整甜度。




- 更健康的怀孕

- 保持强大的免疫系统

- 保持青春

- 促进皮肤健康、眼睛健康、骨骼健康

- 含有抗氧化剂——氨基酸、唾液酸、维生素、脂肪酸、矿物质等,改善新陈代谢过程

- 燕窝中含有6种不同类型的激素

- 以及更多好处!

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